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What a Week!

Another week on the West Coast. Never know what to expect. Fishing brings that feeling of the unknown... What's down there?... What's next?... Well, started out with anchoring off long beach in hopes of Hali's and LB did not disappoint. We anchored up with a stink bag of salmon guts and herring on our spreader bar setups with grubs. As anticipated, the scent travelled and caught the attention of our likely followers, but not without the wait a true fisherman understands. 3 over 90cm and 2 over size that were released to mother on! Mother on Hali's! You know an oversize when the mouth resembles that of a buckethead (30lb+ Linger). Great Day and special thanks to Rick for the sick Smith rod holders and Dan of Fishfull Thinking for the local knowledge.

An Afternoon at the Red Can proved successful when the sounder showed a bait ball at 80ft with marks below. Chovies at 77 and cop car at 89 nailed 2 to the boat, of the 5 on the hook (both blue UV flashers). Lost a BIG ONE! But a 15lb and over 10 fulfilled a 4 hour tour, 3 crab to kick. All morning the salmon fishing was not good. Thanks afternoon!

Today we a had a full day booking and started at the Light but maybe 5:30 am was not early enough. Heard they we already caught by then. Headed to the South bank for Hali's after a grueling few hours of no salmon. Some got caught and likely at the high slack.

Hard day of anchored fishing, but managed to limit the guests with the top fish hitting 35lbs,

Great fishing, hard fishing, no expectations, but major hopes for the anticipation of the big one!

Special thanks to Cameron Ocean Adventures! Ry and Caleb, you guys inspire!

Highroller Charters, thank you! Todd and Ken you rule!

More thanks to Kevin and Max at the Harbour! If only everyone was like you guys!

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